Diamonds | A girl’s best friend

They are expensive. They are shiny. They are a girl’s best friend. 

As young girls, we are conditioned that one day we will walk down that aisle and finally have one of the most valuable minerals wrapped around our ring finger.

As a young man, you know that one day when you are ready to settle down with the love of your life, you better get ready to waste… uh, I mean spend three months’ worth of salary on the so-called valuable mineral.

But…. Do you ever wonder?

How did this tradition come about? When did we come up with the idea that a diamond proves your love to a person? How did people come up with the idea that an engagement ring must have diamonds?

Watch the video below that explains how the De Beers company made diamonds become the most  valuable mineral on earth. 

Spoiler: It is the product of the biggest marketing campaign in the world…