Defending the Capital in Wonderboom Nature Reserve Hiking Trail

Living in the city can be amazing. I mean you have access to literally everything that you would not find if
you were back home in the village.

You want fast food? You have a minimum of 5 restaurants to choose
from; you have KFC, McDonalds, Chicken Licken, and Burger King.

You want to watch a movie? You have a minimum of five malls to choose from; do you want to go to Sterland, Menlyn, The Grove or Wonderpark?

However, In the hustle and bustle of the city, it is difficult to find a place that is abundant
in the village but lacking in the city. This is nature which is required to destress. If you want to exercise while enjoying the amazing views of Pretoria, I would recommend that you visit the Wonderboom Nature Reserve. The place is rich in history and it has a 1000 year old fig tree

A Brief History on the Wonderboom Fort

Shortly after the Anglo Boer War (1899 – 1902), the government of the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek (ZAR) decided to fortify Pretoria in order to protect the capital. The defence plan drawn up by a former French artillery officer and millatary engineer, Leon Grunberg. He identified eight strategic places around Pretoria and suggested that  amoured revolving dome towers equipped with heavy artillery, be erected at these places. The eight positions were Klapperskop, Schanskop, Kwaggaspoort, Daspoortrand (West), Magaliesberg West (possibly at Hornsnek or Haartebeeshoek, Wonderboomspoort, Derdepoort and Strubenkop. In doing this, Pretoria would have been turned into virtually impregnable fortified town.

Since this plan could not provide sufficient shelter and accommodation for a large number of soldiers, it was rejected and as an alternative plan of two German engineers, Otto Albert Adolph van Dewitz and Heinrich C. Werner to build forts was accepted. It was decided to build a fort at each of the places referred to, and a building commission under chairmanship of Commandant General Piet Joubert was established to manage the activities.

Owning to a shortage of money only four forts were completed were those at Klapperskop, Schanskop, Daspoortrand and Wonderboompoort.

Fort Wonderboompoort was built by German Krupp firm and was completed on 4 September 1897. The costs of erecting this Fort was 49 000 euros. It had the same type of entrance gateway as Fort Schanskop. Ramparts were erected around the fort to improve defense.

Concluding Remarks

In summation, this was an energizing hike with amazing views and a rich history. the best part is that it situated in your backyard and it is affordable. So I hope that you visit this place one day and share your picture and experience in the comment section

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